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19 Mar 2013

Rising Ravensbourne star meets Prince Andrew

Greg Lilley

Amber Ryan

Amber Ryan with the Welsh Corgi 3D model

Amber Ryan, a second level BA (Hons) Animation student at Ravensbourne, met HRH The Duke of York on Wednesday as part of his official visit to the thriving start-up technology hub in London’s East End, Tech City.

Amber presented The Duke with a 3D printed model of a Welsh Corgi, the breed of dog famously loved by The Queen. Amber spoke of The Duke’s delight at receiving the special gift: “I was surprised to discover that Prince Andrew already knew quite a lot about the process; as soon as I mentioned it was 3D printed he talked about the process with me. I loved meeting him and he seemed thrilled with the design.”

More than just a generous gift, the model showcased the new technologies that are championed by Ravensbourne and Tech City. The model was made on site in Ravensbourne’s Prototyping workshop, as Amber explains: “We created the 3D Corgi to demonstrate to The Duke the effects of 3D printing and the related technologies that students regularly use at Ravensbourne. Starting with a customised computer model of a Corgi, the 3D print is created by lots of very fine layers printed and bonded together; it’s a major innovation.”

Prince Andrew and Amber Ryan
The Duke was very impressed with the model

3D printing, the process of making a three-dimensional object of virtually any shape from a digital model, is a technology that has only grown to prominence in recent years, but one that is embedded in Ravensbourne’s ethos of pioneering digital innovation.

Jake Durrant, who heads Ravensbourne’s Prototyping Department, said: “I think it’s great that Prince Andrew had the chance to see how we utilise 3D printing. It’s such a fantastic new technology, but it’s also very expensive and few get the opportunity to see it. At Ravensbourne, students can use 3D printers as they wish, and we purposely build its use into the core curriculum of our courses, meaning our students are continuously skilled in future technologies.”

Professor Robin Baker, Director and CEO of Ravensbourne, who was also present at the visit said: “It gave me great pleasure to see the Prince engage with such a young and talented individual. Amber is emblematic of the entire student community at Ravensbourne; the next leading lights in their creative professions.”

The visit, which took place in the offices of social networking firm Yammer, formed part of Prince Andrew’s ongoing campaign to promote Tech City as the forerunning centre of the UK technology industry.

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