A forward-thinking industry-focussed, career-relevant suite of postgraduate courses, designed for and with the creative industries

A unique academic framework

GradSchool is a collection of postgraduate courses, based within our new, state-of-the-art Institute of Creativity and Technology in London's Design District.

Each course is underpinned by the same academic concern: the desire to explore the point at which creativity and technology meet, embedding students in a dynamic, physical and conceptual matrix of practice.

A unique academic framework

This unique academic framework is based on Ravensbourne's new design thinking/design doing programme of study. It gives opportunities for single and cross-disciplinary study across three stages:

  1. Identify and ideate - to determine key area of focus
  2. Innovate - midpoint for deeper creative thinking
  3. Instigate and implement - the endpoint, bringing research into reality
CGI image of forthcoming Grad School


A dynamic and creative studio space

The dedicated GradSchool hub is a creative studio space for our community of postgraduate students studying at the intersection of creativity and technology to hot-desk and inhabit.

GradSchool Hub

gradschool video

GradSchool video

GradSchool examples of student's work

Unrivalled industry ties

Thanks to our strong ties with industry, each of our GradSchool students are assigned a key industry mentor, giving ‘real-world insight’ into industry practice, and supporting students entry into professional careers. This arms students with the best possible chance to gain the career they really want.

In addition, all GradSchool students have an opportunity, visa-restrictions notwithstanding, for onward entry into Incubation+ – a key department supporting start-up creative digital businesses.