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Credited placements

Advice for Students

A credited placement will allow you to undertake a unique work based experience, deepen your understanding of the industry and apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learnt on your course so far.

You will be briefed on the process of securing a placement in the term before your placement is due to begin. You will also be supported by the Careers & Industry Liaison team to develop your CV and target placement opportunities. 

The work placement and placement preparation unit typically includes the following elements

  • CV writing
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Identifying placement opportunities and researching organisations
  • Industry and business awareness and professional working behaviours
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Learning agreement signed by student, employer and Ravensbourne
  • Preparing a reflective diary, blog or film
  • Placement report

Student Responsibilities on Placement

Students on credited placements are required to:

  • Behave in a responsible and professional manner in the workplace.
  • Inform the Careers & Industry Liaison team at Ravensbourne and their employer immediately of any illness or unplanned absence from the placement.
  • Keep the Careers & Industry Liaison team informed of any problems relating to the placement that cannot be resolved by consultation with the employer.
  • Monitor their own personal development and record evidence of learning and skills development.
  • Not withdraw from their placement without prior discussion with your tutor and/or the Careers & Industry Liaison team at Ravensbourne.
  • Respect confidentiality at their placement organisation at all times.

Placement Agreement

It is essential that the Credited Placement Agreement is completed by both student and placement provider before a placement begins. Individual courses will also communicate an internal deadline by which the Agreement must be completed.


Students who do not return their Credited Placement Agreement by the agreed deadline may not have their placement validated and therefore put their ability to pass the unit at risk. 

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