A credited placement will allow you to undertake a unique work-based experience, deepen your understanding of the industry and apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learnt on your course so far.

You will be briefed on the process of securing a placement in the term before your placement is due to begin. You will also be supported by the Careers & Industry Liaison team to develop your CV and target placement opportunities. 

The work placement and placement preparation unit typically includes the following elements

  • CV writing
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Identifying placement opportunities and researching organisations
  • Industry and business awareness and professional working behaviours
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Learning agreement signed by student, employer and Ravensbourne
  • Preparing a reflective diary, blog or film
  • Placement report

Student Responsibilities on Placement

Students on credited placements are required to:

  • Behave in a responsible and professional manner in the workplace.
  • Inform the Careers & Industry Liaison team at Ravensbourne and their employer immediately of any illness or unplanned absence from the placement.
  • Keep the Careers & Industry Liaison team informed of any problems relating to the placement that cannot be resolved by consultation with the employer.
  • Monitor their own personal development and record evidence of learning and skills development.
  • Not withdraw from their placement without prior discussion with your tutor and/or the Careers & Industry Liaison team at Ravensbourne.
  • Respect confidentiality at their placement organisation at all times.