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FAQs Robes, photography and dress code

If none of your questions are answered in the below FAQs contact our friendly graduation team.

What is the dress code?

Graduation is a friendly yet ceremonial occasion so most graduands and guests dress in business attire, smart national dress or formal clothing underneath their gowns.


As this is a formal academic event, you will be required to wear a gown supplied by Ede & Ravenscroft. 


Book your gown for the day on the Ede & Ravenscroft website.


We highly recommend you wear a shirt or blouse with buttons so that the hood of the gown will stay in place.


If you do not intend on wearing a shirt or blouse bring a safety pin so the hood of the gown can be fastened to your clothing.


All personal belongings should be left with your guests as they cannot be taken with you to your seat.

What do I need to bring on the day?

Booking reference number

Print and present your Ede & Ravenscroft booking reference number, which you would have received via the confirmation email, to the Ede & Ravenscroft staff at the ceremony in order to collect your gown.



Your graduation ticket or confirmation email and valid photographic ID e.g. passport or driving licence.


Safety pin

Bring a safety pin if you do not intend on wearing a shirt or blouse so the hood of the gown can be fastened to your clothing.


Hair clips

You may also wish to bring some hair clips to ensure your hat fits well.

Where and when can I get my gown?

We highly recommend that you book your gown, photography, personal and guest tickets at the same time. all on the Ede & Ravenscroft website.


Once you have booked your gown online keep the confirmation email contain the booking reference number safe. You will need to present the booking reference number to the Ede & Ravenscroft staff when you collect your gown on graduation day.

Which gown do I order?

The gown you wear depends on the award you are going to receive.


As you complete the order form the correct gown for your degree will be displayed for you to hire.

If I can’t go to the ceremony, can I get a refund on my gown?

You may cancel your gown up to 7 working days before your awards ceremony for a refund. However, you must contact Ede & Ravenscroft for more information.


This can be completed online through the ‘my account’ section or arranged through the call centre.


An administration fee may apply depending upon the date the hire order was placed.

Can I buy photographs on the day?

Graduands have the option to have commemorative photographs taken of themselves and their guests on the day by Ede & Ravenscroft's professional photographers.


The photography stand will be very busy on graduation day so we highly recommend that you book and pay for your photography in advance.


Last minute bookings and payments can also be made on the day, but please note those graduands who have pre-booked may be processed more quickly.

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