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FAQs: General information

Where and when is graduation?

This year's graduation ceremonies will be held on 7 November at the The Barbican. Registration and gowning, official photography and post-ceremony receptions will also happen at The Barbican. 

When will I receive my graduation ceremony invitation?

Invitations to prospective graduating students (graduands) will be sent to your student email account.

How do I book my place at graduation?

To book your (free) place and to purchase your guest tickets, please continue to check your student email account. You will be receiving an invitation to your email address inviting you to register via Enet, the Ede & Ravenscroft site. Here, you will also be able to book your gown hire and graduation photography.

Am I eligible to attend the ceremony?

If you are expecting to successfully complete your course, and providing that you have no outstanding debts to Ravensbourne (including Library fines), you will be eligible to attend your graduation ceremony. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, please email Registry.

Should I wait for my results before I apply for my gown, photos and guest tickets?

No. You should register as soon as possible after you have received your invitation by email. If you are undecided about whether to come, it is better to register and withdraw at a later stage if necessary. Refunds for gowns, photography and guest tickets will be available.

What happens if I don’t successfully complete my course?

You’ll be sent a letter from Registry containing information on any next steps you should take regarding resubmitting your work, if applicable. Provided you successfully complete your course in the next academic year you will be invited to the graduation ceremony. You will also be given a full refund of any guest ticket payments you may have made.

What if I owe money to Ravensbourne?

You cannot attend the graduation ceremonies whilst in debt to Ravensbourne. These debts can consist of unpaid fees for tuition or accommodation, library fines, CLR fines and printing charges. Debts also include unreturned books, DVDs or equipment. So please make sure that you quickly clear any outstanding debts by contacting Finance on 020 3040 3721/23 where payment can be made with a debit or credit card.

How do I get my certificate if I’m not attending my ceremony?

Your official certificate will be sent to the permanent postal address that you provided after graduation, when it has been processed by your awarding body, the University of the Arts London. If your permanent postal address has changed or is likely to change you must email Registry with your new address as soon as possible.

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