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Generator Hostels

Will Frogley (Digital Advertising and Design 2016)

Tell us a bit about Generator Hostels?

Generator Hostels is Europe’s fastest growing hostel brand located in central locations across Europe. The properties are focused on lifestyle and the consumer experience and not just a bed! All of our properties include a range of room types from shared to private bedrooms, chill-out areas, bars, cafes and a variety of spaces available for private hire - from street facing or basement exhibition spaces to penthouse suites and roof tops.

What made you consider a live brief with Ravensbourne students?

When you are at university it can often be difficult to gain external company face to face contact. Having experienced working with real clients whilst on my course, I was very aware of how useful this can be.  It was nice to work with real clients to apply ideas rather than just coming up with a concept. I’m still in touch with my tutors and thought it would be a great opportunity to give something back by working with current students and for Generator Hostels to gain from students’ creativity and enthusiasm. Plus Ravensbourne has a reputation for its hotbed of talent!

What were the main benefits of collaborating with students?

Working collaboratively with students who are full of inspirational new ideas and concepts was really brilliant. The ideas and proposals suggested would not have necessarily been brought to the table in a normal business setting.  Also the students are a target market for our brand and it was good to get their feedback and thoughts about what they expect from Generator Hostels and would like to see. It’s also nice to do something reciprocal that benefits both parties and where both parties can grow.

What advice would you give to employers thinking of developing a student brief?

Don’t be too narrow when developing your brief. Getting the views of many can give you a much more creative and innovative approach, giving the students the opportunity to get really creative and be different. Being too specific with the initial brief could limit the outcome.

Would you recommend working with students on a brief?

Yes, definitely! The way Ravensbourne works with industry contacts sets it apart from other institutions. The focus on employability and gaining experience with clients rather than just pure study gives students the opportunity to grow.  It’s important to be able to use what you have learned and apply it to a real life situation. Working with students on a live brief enables them to do just that.  

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