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Robert Pratten

Transmedia Storyteller Ltd

Have you ever imagined an alternative reality that parallels our own?

That’s exactly what Conducttr creates.

Conducttr is a media technology and consulting company working at the cutting edge of multiplatform interactive storytelling. The company has been with Ravensbourne Incubation for 2 years and during that period has seen its turnover triple and staff double.

“The Conducttr software is actually a suite of integrated cloud-based creative tools for anyone with an audience to engage,” explains Founder and CEO, Robert Pratten. “The problem we have is that our thought leadership and ambition means we’re somewhat ahead of the market so we’re putting more money into R&D than we’re generating in sales right now. Having the support from Ravensbourne Incubation has meant I’ve been able to steadily employ more people year-on-year without the worry of increasing office overheads – especially in an expensive city like London”.

While audience engagement is the key underlying focus of Conducttr, the aspiration for the software is to become the “photoshop of transmedia storytelling” – a ubiquitous go-to tool that becomes synonymous with multiplatform interaction.

 “You don’t need any coding skills to use Conducttr – it’s aimed at artists, producers, creative directors – all you really need to know is how to tell a good story. The software loads in any web browser and allows the storyteller to create integrated experiences on social media, wearables, email, mobiles and with live performances. Of course, if you can code then Conducttr looks more like middleware – allowing you to develop all the fun stuff and leave Conducttr to handle the necessary like audience behavior tracking, content management, integration with mobile and web apps and so on”.
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Conducttr’s clients are predominantly international, ranging widely between USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands and Germany and include names such as Disney, Toyota, Harlequin Mills & Boon. Most recently, in Spain, they created the concept for and delivered the world’s most ambitious transmedia experience for Canal+ for Season 4 of The Game of Thrones. This experience included a massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) played across Twitter, the web and physical retail stores and culminated in a live event with the winner of the game flown from the Balearic Islands to be crowned King of the Andels and Spain and the First Men!

“I’ll be eternally grateful for the support given to us by Ravensbourne’s Incubation programme and I hope it long continues. It’s given us a secure foundation to take on the world.”

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