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Erwin de Boer


“Sitting on a plane to New York for a corporate film I was watching The Hunger Games before trying to fall asleep and ten minutes into the film, to my surprise I saw one of my own stock video clips! This made me realise the power of stock content, that even the biggest film studios are using my material I must be doing something right.” - Erwin de Boer.

After working in London for ImageSource as art director and ImageState as creative director Erwin formed his own production company ReeldealHD in 2009. He felt it was time to move from photography to video and found a gap in this fast-growing market. He is now supplying larger industry players like Shutterstock (value $ 2.9 billion) and Getty/Istock (purchased for $3.3 Billion).

ReeldealHD now have a premium collection of 7000 HD clips that can be licensed for TV commercials, feature films, web video to name a few. The videos can be used by production companies to quickly create a low budget commercial within tight deadline or use their b-roll to fill a gap in a TV program or corporate video.

Being from Amsterdam Erwin intended to focus on the European style premium royalty-free stock footage, a style that works well world-wide with their resellers in the USA, Korea, Japan and more. All their content is fully cleared, models/locations and is wholly-owned which gives them unique rights clearance possibilities. They offer a wide range of topics from lifestyle, business to travel and is all based on trend-research, art directed and with high production values. They now produce 3 stock video shoots per month.

It has been an interesting journey and every day is totally different, oneday they could be shooting a nightclub scene the next day a private jet in Cannes France. This does keeps them on their feet whilst facing different challenges.

As technology in the industry changes, this has affected their business. Clients now require 4K resolution in addition to HD video content, which means they now have to shoot in 4K resolution. They have developed a new offering focused on the SME market that is looking for video solutions to advertise, but don’t have the budget for an expensive ad agency or the time/talent to create a commercial in-house; pre-made commercial, this has been very well-received by clients.

Reeldeal HD-7

“This is a great product that allows you to explore video as an acquisition tool in a lean way. Reeldealhd produced two customised commercials, using their stock videography. It allowed us to test VOD in a lean ‘build-measure-learn’ way. We’ve been able to increase the number of customers we acquire through online video channels. Acquisition costs are half of what we normally pay for more conventional online marketing channels such as PPC and affiliates. Reeldealhd was able to turn around the production in less than two weeks and was flexible in making changes to the content. A great solution if you want to explore video as an acquisition or engagement tool,” says Jasper Martens, Head of Marketing & Communications, Simply Business.

“With a team of producers and editors and myself, we are pleased to be based at Ravensbourne, it is a great location for us. In addition, through the Incubation programme we are able to utilise the TV studio and editing facilities and most of all the huge talent pool. We work with many Ravensbourne students and graduates on a number of jobs ranging from photography to animation, sound editors and broadcast crew. Looking to the future we would like to expand our collection to over 10,000 clips and we are currently building our own website where clients can purchase and stream stock footage. We don't have the scale yet as our competitors but everyone has to start somewhere,” Erwin says.

Find out more about ReeldealHD at www.reeldealhd.com.

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