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How are we funded?

Financial Information

Income and Expenditure Summary table July 2018


Ravensbourne received almost £27 million of funding during 2017-18, this included government funds, student tuition fees, other grants and investments.

Ravensbourne received almost £4.1 million directly from Government Grants; Office for Students (OfS) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

Ravensbourne received £21.6 million from Student Tuition Fees. The majority of this money is paid directly from the Student Loan Company for Home and EU students. Other fees are paid by International Students.

Ravensbourne received almost £1.2 million from other sources such as commercial activity, grants and small research based projects.

Ravensbourne received almost £92,000 from investments. This is mostly from funds put on short term deposit.


Ravensbourne spent almost £26.6 million during 2017-18, this included Staff costs, running academic departments, managing central services and maintaining the building.

Ravensbourne spent almost £9.7 million on running its academic departments which includes further education (foundation diplomas) and higher education (undergraduate and postgraduate provision). This includes academic staff costs and course consumables, running the Student Union and supporting The Degree Show.

Ravensbourne spent just over £3.1 million on running its academic services. This includes registration of student records, assessment, quality assurance, bursaries, student support and validation fees.

Ravensbourne spent just over £8.6 million on running the institution. This includes central support staff, governance, management, finance, human resources and marketing.

Ravensbourne spent £2.6 million maintaining our building. This included interior and exterior maintenance, facilities management and health and safety.

Ravensbourne spent almost £2.6 million on other expenditure including depreciation of assets and finance charges.

Ravensbourne plans to achieve a moderate surplus each year to support growth and investment opportunities (centred around learning and teaching). At the end of 2017-18 Ravensbourne achieved a £348.7k surplus.

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