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20 Jun 2016 - 23 Jun 2016

Offer-holder events 2016

Students holding an offer to study an undergraduate degree at Ravensbourne from September 2016 are invited to a series of special events.

You will hear from current students and staff about what it’s like to study at Ravensbourne. Each event will feature a workshop, a presentation, a social event and fresh pizza for all!

Event date

Featured courses

Monday, 20 June

BA (Hons) Fashion
BA (Hons) Fashion Accessory Design and Prototyping
BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Brand Management
BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

Tuesday, 21 June

BA (Hons) Architecture
BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures
BA (Hons) Animation
BA (Hons) Digital Photography
BA (Hons) Music for Media
BA (Hons) Sound Design
BA (Hons) Web Media Production

Wednesday, 22 June

BA (Hons) Digital Film Production
BA (Hons) Editing and Post Production
BSc (Hons) Broadcast Audio Technology
BSc (Hons) Broadcast Computing
BSc (Hons) Broadcast Systems Technology
BSc (Hons) Outside Broadcast Technology

Thursday, 23 June

BA (Hons) Design Products
BA (Hons) Digital Advertising and Design
BA (Hons) Design and Coding
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

  • Event times: 1.00-6.00pm
  • Doors open for registration at 12.30pm
  • Each event starts at 1.00pm
  • Each event ends at around 6.00pm

Personalised email invitations are being sent out to offer-holders on a regular basis. Don't miss this opportunity to visit us!

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