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02 Jul 2014 - 03 Jul 2014

The Postgraduate Degree Show

Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show to Showcase Innovative Digital Media and Design Thinking Innovation

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The show will be a spectacle of postgraduate students’ talent and creativity and will explore innovative design solutions through cutting-edge digital media, 3D printing, applied technology, fashion, communication design, moving image and visual effects. It will further showcase work in strategic innovation and applying design thinking for the design of products, services and luxury brand strategy.

Interactive Digital Media
Postgraduate students from the interactive media cohort will showcase work that pushes the boundaries of design enabled by technology. Visitors can expect to see an interactive immersive installation exploring the possibilities of virtual reality becoming a ubiquitous method of communication, as well as a communication system of self-assembling objects using kinematics and combining Arduino boards and 3D printed parts.

Applied Technology
With 3D printing becoming an increasingly popular design method, 3D printing will also be explored by Applied Technology postgraduate students in a truly collaborative spirit – 3D printing from the perspective of cinematographic art as a collaborative effort to investigate the value of digital fabrication in independent cinema and also 3D printing and laser cutting techniques for the design of footwear and garments.

Fashion is a traditionally strong discipline at Ravensbourne and this year is no different; students will be show casing innovative fashion solutions including modular heels for footwear design.

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Communication Design, Visual Effects and 3D Stereoscopic Media
Immersive experiences will be a strong focus of the show, as communication design work will feature a dome with a 360 projection to delight visitors’ senses through the “Illuminating Canvas” artwork inspired by the chiaroscuro technique. We will also be showcasing a documentary titled "The Beauty of Production" related to the production of dairy products in Latvian farms, production factories and food markets with the objective to show the beauty of the production process and to raise awareness about the challenges involved in the process. There will also be a video on a medical topic. Furthermore, showreels of visual effects projects and 3D stereoscopic media that explore the value of geometry and depth combined with the Chroma Key process will make a strong presence.

Design Management Innovation, Service Design Innovation, Luxury Brand Management Innovation
As innovation and design thinking are becoming a strong imperative for businesses to gain competitive advantage, the Master of Design (MDes) cohort will challenge the status quo by showcasing work in Design Management, Service Design and Luxury Brand Management. The MDes cohort is a group of design thinkers and change makers and the focal point of MDes work will be strategic innovation and the application of design thinking methods. Postgraduates would thus like to generate a broader discussion about the contemporary role of the designer and what design means for business.

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