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Eleanor Rosa House is an intercollegiate hall of residence built in partnership between UPP and the University of London.


Based in vibrant Stratford, in east London, Eleanor Rosa House offers a wide range of quality accommodation to students from different London universities. Just a ten minute tube journey from Ravensbourne, it's a convenient and stylish option.

Download the brochure or visit the website for more information.

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To book a viewing please visit the website, send us an email, or call them on 03300 552537.

Booking open via the Eleanor Rosa House website on 7 April 2020.

Price list

Rooms Weekly rate Number of rooms
Large single (within cluster flat) £227.08 27
Large single plus (within cluster flat) £231.98 15
Adapted large single plus £231.98 33
Single studio £288.68 39
Single studio plus £304.08 32
Adapted single studio plus £304.08 1
Adapted large single studio £319.48 19


Further support and advice

For any for information about our accommodation options, please contact Student Services.