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Ravensbourne appealed to me because it is an industry-focused university always thinking of the future. I was interested in graphic design before I started looking at universities. I was thinking of pursuing a degree in that subject, but instead chose to study motion graphics. I felt it offered more of a challenge, as it utilises different disciplines but is still tied to graphic design.

Studying at Ravensbourne gave me a holistic approach to motion design I don’t think I would have achieved otherwise. Being surrounded by people studying different creative disciplines gave me the opportunity to work with videographers, editors and sound designers which was very useful for my projects.

The talks we were given from industry professionals were very inspiring and kept me constantly engaged, helping me to achieve the best I could. Another highlight from my time at Ravensbourne, was working on a documentary film where I got hands on experience with a camera and audio equipment. This was exciting for me as I’d never filmed anything before and it made me think of different ways I could use video in my own practice.  

The Ravensbourne Degree Show generated a lot of interest from different businesses, and I took up a three month contract at Nickelodeon following this. Through studying motion graphics, I also managed to get a year’s internship at the Discovery Channel, and did some freelance work for Chelsea TV through the Ravensbourne Agency. I also worked as a designer for an advertising agency called Oliver, creating content for Unilever brands. Currently, I’m freelancing while looking for a permanent role which best suits me.

I would encourage current students to get involved as much as possible and find out what styles and techniques they enjoy working with most. Motion graphics covers a wide range of skills and provides a great opportunity to experiment across a range of media. There is a lot of technical knowledge to get to grips with, but once you start to master things there is so much creative potential.

Sean Keane

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