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Course: BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

Year of Graduation: 2014

Ravensbourne felt modern, and the course had its finger on the pulse of what’s vocationally, and artistically relevant in the world today. Choosing a university was a quest for me. I drove around the country looking at different universities, working out what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to train for the next three years. Ravensbourne ended up being the only choice for me. The course description combined some graphic design skills I felt I already had with my interest in making videos. The thought of making exciting videos just using my laptop still fascinates me now!

Studying at Ravensbourne led to us feeling very confident about entering the industry. We gained skills that were relevant and desirable to employers and developed portfolios that ticked all of their boxes. A few years on, the design principles I learnt at Ravensbourne still apply to my work today.

I was hired by Burberry as a motion designer in their in house video team after they saw my work at the Ravensbourne Degree Show! As part of a small team, my role includes: designing, directing, colour grading, compositing and editing. All the things I do well I directly attribute to the skills that the motion graphics course gave me.

Adding motion, sound and music to your own work is the best feeling - it turns art into an experience. Ultimately, If you want to direct a camera crew and film live action, then do a film course. If you just want to draw and animate characters, then study animation. If you consider yourself a designer, a photographer or maybe an artist and you want to bring your work to life – this is absolutely the course for you. Finding this course sent me down a career path that I absolutely love, and if the description of the course excites you, then I wish the same for you!

Rob Norman

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