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"I am so thankful for Ravensbourne. I would have never of made the move from Northern Ireland to London if it wasn't for them, and now have a CV now bursting with experience."  

Course: BA (Hons) Digital Television Production

Year of Graduation: 2016

What appealed to you about Ravensbourne and your chosen degree course?

Ravensbourne offers a hands on course - allowing you to be as professionally practical with their great use of studio and equipment facilities. After hearing that Ravensbourne College was one of most prestigious universities to attend in the TV world - I knew that by making Ravensbourne as my first choice I would be rewarded with great industry contacts. 

How has your degree from Ravensbourne helped you achieve your professional goals?

Being in London gives you a head start from studying anywhere else in the UK. it's the heart of television industry which is so exciting. Helping me on my ladder was Ravensbourne and my lecturers, giving me the opportunity, confidence and advice to develop all my skills. Even though a degree isn't necessary for a career in television, it was a brilliant platform to get me started. I took on various TV runner jobs during my 3 years of study for my degree with the support of my lecturer Stephen.

What benefits did you experience when studying with us?

My confidence has blossomed. By being part of live broadcasts, writing scripts, being employed within the institution to teach and encourage young people to make studio shows, has pushed me to understand more about the TV industry and to work hard. Ravensbourne allowed us to push boundaries - for example; I produced a live Broadcast with an outside client called the Royal Shakespear Company (RSC)  and we gave ourselves another challenge for each broadcast. My 3rd and final show, was a live outside broadcast from a theatre that was streamed to over 200 schools in the UK - the first of its kind at Ravensbourne. I feel proud to have studied at Ravensbourne and learned things that I use today in my current position as production secretary.

Please list any highlights from your time at Ravensbourne?

Gaining professional links is one of my main highlights. Through Ravensbourne's industry contacts I worked for various companies, the most beneficial was a work experience placement at BT Sport working on the Clare Balding show. I was later asked to go back to do another series. I stayed in touch with the production manager and a few months later when she moved to another production company - they required an office runner - she called me asking if I'd like a full time runner position (but this was during my last term of university). I took the risk and had to work very, very hard to do my final major practical assignments on top of a part time bar job. It paid off as I am currently still working for the same production company and I love it.

How is Ravensbourne (and your chosen course) different from other creative insitutions?

It's practical. The Central Loans Resource (CLR) allows you to loan equipment out to make the most of your time at Ravensbourne. My course lecturer was so flexible - and encouraged us to make contacts and do outside television work, (as long as you stay on top of your deadlines) The library always provided the right books for end of term assignments and dissertation. The Ravensbourne TV studio was fully industry ready allowing us to be as creative as we wanted.

Are you working at the moment?

I currently work for an independent production company called Phil McIntyre as a production secretary. Since I started I have progressed from production assistant to secretary. I've also just finished filming as a TV Presenter for a BBC Northern Ireland broadcast, an opportunity that came from a voluntary radio job in my town whilst I was studying at college in Northern Ireland, another production company has contacted me with the possibility of more presenter work - which is all very exciting for me as I am living a dream. 

 What advice would you give to prospective students?

Work hard, don't be too eager or arrogant, offer a helping hand to everyone on the team especially your fellow runners. Don't involve yourself in any office gossip! TV is a very small circle and always keep your social media clean, employers go straight there to see what you look like, what you post, wear, eat everything!




Nicola Clyde

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