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The collaborations between students from a variety of different media-based courses was what first attracted me to Ravensbourne. Furthermore, the sound design course was quite unusual since it covered a wide range of subjects in the audio sector, from music production and mixing to sound effects design for different types of media.

Being in such a stimulating environment with very knowledgeable and supportive tutors played a major role in the development of my career. Some of my tutors also supported me after graduation, showing a genuine interest in the growth of my skills and career development. One of my former tutors, Dave Humphries, provided me with technical support while I was mixing advertisements for TV as a freelance sound designer, and Mark Durham offered me some very valuable feedback as I was in the process of applying at Guerrilla Games, where I currently work.

My final major project, creating a completely new soundscape for two scenes from the film Ghosts in the Shell, was a particular highlight during my time at Ravensbourne. I was able to mix the project in surround-sound, and really enjoyed working on a large-scale project from ideation to realisation, while having full control and responsibility both on the artistic and technical side. Completing my dissertation was great too, since it led me to further explore the world of video games through self directed research, feeding my curiosity.

Graduating from Ravensbourne provided me with a solid foundation to build my career. I made my first job connection at The Ravensbourne Degree Show, Meric Pine, who was working as a video editor for Pentland at the time — a company which houses brands like Lacoste, Ellesse and Speedo. From here, through to where I am working now as a professional sound designer — the people, knowledge development and networking opportunities at Ravensbourne played a major role in my personal development.

After graduating, I spent two years in London working as a self-employed sound designer, mainly for advertisements and independent films. Later I was hired as a full-time sound designer at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam. A typical day at Guerrilla starts with a team update, then proceeds with either gathering new sound effects material or designing and implementing sounds in the game engine.

I would encourage students to take full advantage of the additional lectures and masterclasses as well as networking opportunities at Ravensbourne. These were really  valuable resources in developing my theoretical and practical skills. Moreover, participating in the numerous events organised both by the university and industry groups is a great way to learn and connect directly with professionals working in the industry.

Jacopo Consonni

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