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Graduate Outcomes

A new UK-wide annual survey

Graduate Outcomes is a new UK-wide annual survey capturing the perspectives and current activities of graduates 15 months after they have finished their studies. 

As a Ravensbourne graduate, your response to the survey will help us to:

  • Provide our current and future students with insight into their career destinations and development
  • Recognise the achievements of our graduates
  • Learn more about the student experience to enhance our services for students and alumni
  • Evaluate and promote our courses
  • Enable higher education providers, policy makers, charities, journalists, researchers and others to understand the higher education sector and the current trends in the graduate labour market
  • Contribute to the University’s positioning in university league tables. 

Graduates who completed their studies after 1 August 2018 will be asked to complete the Graduate Outcomes survey.

Who runs the survey?

The survey is owned and delivered by the Higher Education Statistics Agency Limited (“HESA”). They support the advancement of the higher education sector by collecting and publishing timely and reliable data about the sector. HESA is working in collaboration with all UK higher education providers to deliver the survey.


When will I be surveyed?

Depending on when your course ended, you will receive your survey invitation around 15 months later.


For example, if your course ended in August to October 2018, you’ll receive the survey in December 2019.


The table below shows when you’ll be surveyed:


End date of course Survey invitation
August - October 2018 December 2019
November 2018 - January 2019 March 2020
February - April 2019 June 2020
May - July 2019 September 2020

You’ll have approximately 12 weeks to complete the survey and we’ll send you emails and texts to remind you to take part.


How will I be surveyed?

The survey can be completed online or over the phone. You will receive an invitation to complete the survey via the following communications:

Email: From ravensbourne@graduateoutcomes.ac.uk

Text: From GradOutcomes

Phone: By IFF Research who are contractors hired by HESA.

If you are not contactable by email, text or phone, we may seek the answers to the survey from a third party, such as a family member who answers the phone.

If someone else completes the survey on your behalf and you would rather provide your own answers, you can still complete the survey yourself and over-write the third-party answers.

Please contact info@graduateoutcomes.ac.uk if you want to complete your own survey in place of a third-party response.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete online and slightly longer by telephone.


Contact details

Please ensure you have provided Ravensbourne with up-to-date contact details so that you can participate in the survey.

Contact the Alumni Team via email for more information.

If you would like further information about the Graduate Outcomes survey please visit this website.

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