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Kim & Kofi Ansah

Course studied:  Kim studied BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles and Kofi studied BA (Hons) Animation

Year of graduation: 2011

Kim and Kofi met at Ravensbourne and are now married and running a business together.

K&K LABS is a London based brand dedicated to raising awareness for endangered animals using silk scarves and stationery. Kim honed her artistic skills on the Fashion course at Ravensbourne and now creates carefully hand illustrated designs which feature throughout their products.

They have been running their ethical fashion business for the past two years and recently collaborated with the Natural History Museum. Their passion for endangered species shines through their designs, and their exclusive silk scarves and greetings cards are now available in the museum and its online shop.

After attending one of Ravensbourne's industry days Kofi gained crucial work experience with award winning industries The Mill and Framestore. Work experience combined with the skills learned on the course gave Kofi a detailed insight into how industry works and has been invaluable to the day to day running of the business.

An inspirational expedition to Mongolia in 2015 led to a decision to donate some of the proceeds of K&K sales to the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Mongolia. K&K donate 10% of their annual profits to animal and nature charities each year.

Working with each other hasn't always come easily to the pair. Their tips on working together in harmony include being clear about your mission and having a mentor. Finding a mentor has helped them grow and focus on what's important for the business going forward taking, them out of their comfort zone.

Visit K&K Labs to learn more.

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