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George Ingram

"Ravensbourne made me industry ready and has shown me how to obtain my dreams."

Course: BA (Hons) Digital Television Production

Year of Graduation : 2016

What appealed to you about Ravensbourne and your chosen degree course?

Ravensbourne seemed to be the perfect place for me from day one, this was because of the emphasis on industry led teaching and the chance to collaborate across with all different courses. I chose to study Digital Television Production because it was a brand new course and first of its kind where it is focused on the TV industry and it gave you the opportunity to learn about online platforms and have a chance to create trans-media projects.

How has your degree from Ravensbourne helped you achieve your professional goals?

My degree from Ravensbourne has helped me in both aspects of my career as it has given me the chance to build my client list and make some very useful contacts whilst studying. I was also able to utilise the Ravensbourne agency job site which gave me some really good work experience during my time at Ravensbourne.

Please list the benefits that you experienced from studying with us.

Some of the benefits include being able to book the TV Studio/Gallery space where I was able to create content in my own time, this goes hand in hand with using the CnCLR as you have access to industry standard equipment to hire. All of my lecturers had also worked in TV so they actually know what the industry is like and I feel they prepared me perfectly for it.

Please list any highlights from your time at Ravensbourne (awards, industry experience, professional links, social experience).

During my time at Ravensbourne I have many highlights but definitely up there is the 2015 Degree Show where I produced and directed three episodes of my music show which was broadcast live online and on Freeview in the local area. Other highlights included simply meeting some amazing people who were as passionate as I was about making TV.

How is Ravensbourne (and your chosen course) different from other universities/colleges?

Ravensbourne is definitely unique and is a different experience from other universities as it is very focused on its industry links and how it is viewed in the creative industries, this definitely benefits the students as they get opportunities which other institutions simply don't. I also love the collaborative environment of Ravensbourne as due to its size you are guaranteed to bump into someone from a different course. Digital Television Production is a completely unique course and the first of its kind, this is due to it looking into the digital side of production which I believe makes the course future proof.

Are you in employment and, if so as what?

I'm currently working at IMG for Premier League Productions as a digital content logger, a position I managed to secure before finishing third year, this opportunity was through Ravensbourne's Agency. In addition to this I am also currently in Ravensbourne's business incubation programme where I am developing my own company which I worked on whilst studying.

 What advice would you give to prospective students?

I think the best advice is to apply and bring your passion to the interview with you. This is a place where your passion and enthusiasm is taken as seriously as academic results. Once you are here try to take as many opportunities as possible.

Amazing things happen here