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Charlie Hawryliw

"It's the only place I know that has such a strong focus on a specialist course such as broadcast post production, which made it my number one (and only) choice."

Course: BA (Hons) Broadcast Post Production
Year of graduation: 2007

I wanted to be an editor since I was young and Ravensbourne had the perfect course in broadcast post production, I had no desire to go to a different university or study something else. Ravensbourne was the only place I applied to, it was an all or nothing deal for me. Greg, Caroline and Richard were amazing and incredibly knowledgeable lecturers who really seemed to care about each of their students and were always open for a discussion and to offer advice. The course itself focussed on everything from the technical side of things to the more creative, and gave me a solid understanding of every part of the post production process, from offline to online editing, audio dubbing, linear and non-linear editing, shooting, tape formats, graphics and compositing, etc.

Everything on the course felt designed to give us the best start in our careers and was invaluable

I was lucky enough to spend my first year in halls and had a great time meeting and living with people from the myriad of different courses that Ravensbourne offers and I would edit projects for them and we would socialise. The guest lecturers on the course were always really interesting. I was offered two jobs through the course's work placement. I felt like I was in a massive creative hub of amazingly talented students and lecturers. It was an amazing experience.

My degree at Ravensbourne gave me a deeper understanding of editing techniques and theory, as well as a strong practical understanding of equipment and software. It also gave me the creative freedom and confidence to experiment with different techniques and practices.

I would say to prospective students it is like everything in life, you get out what you put in. Don't just focus on doing the coursework, go the extra mile and learn about every bit of kit that Ravensbourne has while it's available to you. Do your own projects outside of class. Talk to people on the other courses, especially the broadcast operations course some of them will be future directors and the relationships you form with them might just come in handy!

Amazing things happen here