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Barley G Davies

"Everyone studying at Ravensbourne has something to contribute and give. Never underestimate what you can bring to the party and what can be achieved through collaboration with students on other courses."

Course:  BA (Hons) Music Production for Media
Year of Graduation:  2014

What appealed to you about Ravensbourne and your chosen degree course?

There were a few things that appealed to me about Ravensbourne and the course. I really liked the fact that the course was totally dedicated to composing music for media and I found Ravensbourne to be a very modern university that has moved with the times. A lot of the other courses I considered were quite old fashioned in their approach to composing.The fact that we were composing music for media and film rather than just composing music had tremendous appeal and was exactly what I wanted to do.

How has your degree from Ravensbourne helped you achieve your professional goals?

At Ravensbourne we learnt how to use the latest technology to best effect when recording mixing and composing. The tutors were experienced and knowledgeable the quality of the technical resource available to students was awesome.

Could you tell us about the benefits that you experienced from studying with us?

One of the main benefits of studying at Ravensbourne was the opportunity to network with professional people. This was a little daunting and scary at first but we quickly learnt that everyone has different skills and can always make a contribution, which was a very useful lesson.

What were the highlights from your time at Ravensbourne?

One instance that stands out that I thoroughly enjoyed was performing live at the 02 in the British Music Experience theatre. This was a fantastic opportunity for the students and made such a big difference to our studies and confidence. We were no longer just composing we were actually composing music for films and the media.

Tell us a little about what you've been doing since graduating

I am currently working on several independent projects, still writing music and compositions for computer games.

After graduating I was approached by Professor Jeremy Barr Associate Dean to compose a piece of music/sound track to represent my 3 years studying at Ravensbourne. The aim was to capture the feelings and emotions I had experienced during my time on the course with 1 minute to represent each year's study.

This was quite an emotional task for me reminiscing about 3 years of intense study, barely sleeping, remembering my initial thoughts and feelings when I first moved to London. The track is unique to me and the sounds are a reminder of the human side of being at Ravensbourne and of all the fun I had.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Take the opportunity to really use students from other courses for their knowledge to your advantage. There are so many other students with skills to compliment the projects you will be working on.

You will never have the chance to be immersed in such a diverse and collaborative environment, so make the most of it before you step out into the world!

David Allen composes under the name of Barley G Davies.

To hear his composition reflecting time at Ravensbourne click here.

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