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Course: BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

Year of Graduation: 2017

I chose to study at Ravensbourne after seeing how successful my cousin has been since studying there. When the time came to choose my degree, I kept flipping between graphic design and animation, finding it near impossible to decide. Then, during my foundation course at Ravensbourne, my dilemma was solved when a tutor introduced me to motion graphics - the perfect hybrid of graphic design and animation!

Studying motion graphics at Ravensbourne helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do. This was largely due to the constant stream of industry talks and guest speakers the course offered. These talks really inspired me, highlighting the different paths my degree could take me down. Without them I wouldn’t have left university with such clear focus about what I wanted for my future.

I loved having total creative freedom in my final year to write my own project briefs, and use whatever animation techniques I wanted. I had the best year experimenting with typography, stop-motion and hand drawn animation. If I could go back and do it all again I would! There were so many benefits to undertaking the course. One of the main benefits was learning about the intern programme at The Discovery Channel — my tutors told our class about it and encouraged us all to apply.

I spent a year working at The Discovery Channel as a motion design intern. I was given some amazing opportunities I never expected to get until much later on in my career, such as designing and making channel idents to be broadcast on TV.

I went on to win the Best Design Newcomer at the PromaxBDA Awards. My managers at The Discovery Channel felt that the work I created was strong enough to enter into the 2018 PromaxBDA Awards, and I was thrilled to be selected as the winner. This got me noticed by another company called NBC Universal — the combined TV network of NBC and Universal Pictures — where I am currently working.

Experiment as much as possible and you will go far! Try creating hand-drawn animations, sleek 3D projects, 2D vector styles and maybe even stop-motion animation. It is impossible to know what you enjoy and what you are the best at if you only ever try one style.

Alice Parker

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