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Course: BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

Year of Graduation: 2018

Before I started my degree, I did a foundation at Ravensbourne to explore my choices and I just didn't want to leave - I knew that the environment suited me and the way that I like to work.  I certainly see myself as an independent worker and I was always able to be self-reliant; however, I also love to work in a team and Ravensbourne’s focus on collaboration with other courses is something that I really benefited from.

I have always been very ideas based in my work and choosing Motion Graphics as my degree helped me bring my ideas to life. We live in a very exciting time now where everything is being set in motion and I wanted to do a degree in a topic that was forward-thinking and practical. Motion Graphics is the epicentre of contemporary communication.

The tutors are awesome and gave up a lot (and I mean a lot) of their time to help me. I was always very aware that if I needed any guidance or advice I could go to them. Without their support, the amazing working environment and the encouragement to collaborate, I don't think I would have been as successful as I have been.

I didn’t only learn creative and digital skills, I grew in resilience, confidence, independence and lots more. I was able to be free.  I came out of Ravensbourne with practical skills and knowledge in design and the Adobe suite that agencies looking to employ graduates are all over. I interned every year I was doing my degree and I organised all of them through Ravensbourne, which was amazing. I discovered a lot about myself and what I want to do career-wise - I realised that I was very good at art direction and concepts, and I knew by the time that I was in my second year that I wanted to work in advertising, whereas when I first started my course that realisation hadn't quite dawned on me yet.

Ravensbourne is renowned in the creative industry for its incredible resources and people are always very excited to hear that I'm a Ravensbourne graduate. The first three internships I had after finishing the course all came from industry professionals coming to The Degree Show to see my work. One of the units in my final year consisted of entering a competition and I took this as an opportunity to enter the D&AD New Blood Awards, which I ended up winning!

Being at Ravensbourne was a very special time for me and my professional and personal growth. I met my very best friends which is something that has totally shaped me as a person. My favourite year of my degree was my final year - I had very strong goals before I started and I knew that I needed to achieve them. I wanted a first and a D&AD award and with a lot of hard work and support I achieved both! I also won The Distinctive Dissertation Award, which was a lovely cherry on top! I honestly had the best time and totally made the most of it. I get all choked up thinking about it - I'm very grateful.

Ravensbourne truly sets you up for the working world, but your learning never stops. I've completed three creative internships and right now I've got 4 interviews planned for proper full-time employment.  Although stressful, it's a very exciting time! I've made some great friends and brilliant contacts in the industry that I'm looking to go into. I've actually had to decline quite a few jobs so far! This course will make you hot property, I'm telling you.

A quote by Paul Arden is completely necessary: "Do not seek praise, seek criticism". Learn how to take criticism, the tutors aren't trying to attack you, they're trying to help you. However, push the boat out a bit, think for yourself and outside the box. Question things, question your tutors (whilst still remaining respectful and taking crits into consideration!) and really make the most of it. Don't worry about what other people are doing; focus on yourself.

Alexandra Binding

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