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1. What type of opportunities can be advertised on the Agency?

We are happy to advertise genuine job or internship opportunities that comply with UK Employment Legislation, our Terms & Conditions for Employers and the Ravensbourne Equal Opportunities Policy.

2. How much does it cost to place a work opportunity on the Agency?

This service is free for employers, industry professionals and recruitment agencies who are recruiting directly for their company or their client’s company.

3. I want to advertise a different sort of opportunity e.g. a competition, opportunity to sell work, studio for rent etc, Can I advertise this on the Agency?

We can only advertise direct opportunities for employment on the Agency and not other kinds of opportunities, such as, exhibiting opportunities or competition briefs. Please contact agency@rave.ac.uk if you have a different opportunity to advertise to our students and or graduates.

4. Can I advertise a volunteer position on the Ravensbourne Agency?

We do advertise volunteering positions for registered charities. Please ensure that you state your registered charity number on the work opportunity copy that you submit.

5. Can I offer a project to a group of your students?

The Agency is not the correct place for setting student projects at Ravensbourne. If you are interested in offering a project to a group of students please contact us on industryopportunity@rave.ac.uk

6. Can you recommend a student or graduate to me?

The Agency does not offer this service. All opportunities must be advertised in the interest of equal opportunities. Please make sure you job opportunity copy accurately reflects the skills you are searching for and you will attract the correct applicants.

7. Will my personal contact information appear online?

We will only advertise the contact details that you add to your profile copy. All contact details will be recorded for our own office information. Please refer to our Ravensbourne Privacy Policy for details of how we may use your contact details.

8. I need someone urgently – can you put my advert online today or recommend a student to me?

All new submissions are dealt with in the order we receive them and due to the volume of new opportunities we receive each day, we cannot offer an express service for urgent adverts.

9. I need to remove my advert early, can I do this?

You can remove your advert early by amending the closing date to the date you wish it to be removed or you can email agency@rave.ac.uk to ask for it to be taken down.

10. How much shall I offer to pay an applicant?

The National Minimum Wage from April 2017 is £7.05/hour for 21 to 24 and £7.50/hour for 25 and over. The amount you offer to pay should take into account the level of experience you expect applicants to have. Unpaid opportunities may may be advertised to last no longer than four weeks in duration. Discretion may also be applied to unpaid opportunities by Ravensbourne staff before they are made live on the Agency. Exceptions are applied to opportunities advertised with registered charities or placements that form part of the compulsory placement module for Fashion undergraduate courses, both of which may be advertised as ongoing unpaid opportunities.

My question is not answered above, what shall I do?

If your question is not answered above or in our Terms & Conditions for Employers, please send your query to us at agency@rave.ac.uk. We will aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours during the working week.

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