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Diversity committee

Ravensbourne has a diversity committee which is responsible for ensuring that Ravensbourne complies with all its statutory requirements for equality of opportunity. The nominated governor has responsibility for convening and chairing this committee.

After each meeting of the Diversity Committee the nominated governor takes the minutes and reports to the Board of Governors, and the Director of Academic Services progresses stated actions as appropriate.

The Director/CEO may delegate his/her responsibilities under this policy to another manager (of sufficient status) to decide and implement the policy.

Staff and student monitoring statistics are presented to the Diversity Committee in the form of annual reports.


  • Reviewing all of Ravensbourne’s functions as they relate to the protected characteristics and the various areas of equality

  • Making recommendations to the Management Committee about required actions which may be over and above the legal obligations. In some cases these may extend beyond compliance where further steps that are considered appropriate to the promotion of race equality and in tackling racial discrimination.

  • Identifying specific areas, whether relating to staff, students or service providers, which potentially give rise to inequality and implementing measures to remedy these inequalities.

  • Advising the Senior Management Team. about specific tasks to be carried out to fulfil Ravensbourne’s duties under the legislation and its commitments under this policy;

  • Reviewing, amending and publishing this policy annually and ensuring that it will be accessible in a range of formats for members of staff, students and contractors (all practices will accord with the Data Protection Act 1998)

  • Ensuring that Ravensbourne’s strategic aims, mission and duties to promote good race relations and eliminate race discrimination are actioned

  • Ensuring that the Equal Opportunities policy is implemented and that sufficient resources are allocated for that purpose;

  • Designating an appropriate member of staff (Director of Academic Services) to be responsible for facilitating, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of this policy on an institution-wide basis

  • Discussing and/or agreeing any proposals made by the Management Committee to further review this policy over and above the annual review of the document

  • Ensuring that in the exercise of all its functions the Diversity Committee consider and assess the impact of its own decisions and conclusions on Ravensbourne’s race equality policy and the promotion of our equality ethos.


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