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Knowing more about the interactive media industry and the potential career options available to you will help you focus on an area of expertise.

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Web Media falls within the interactive media sector and is estimated to employ around 34,300 people, representing approximately 7% of the total creative industries workforce.

It is heavily reliant on freelancers and contractors, who are estimated to account for around one-fifth (21%) of the workforce.

The workforce is generally very highly qualified: 36% hold a postgraduate qualification and a further 43% hold an undergraduate degree.

The titling of job roles varies significantly within the sector. This depends on company size and the need to employ a number of new skill sets across projects on a case by case basis.

Junior roles:

Job role titles can be very varied dependent on the company and its structure but some typical job titles are:

More senior roles are:

You can learn more about the interactive media sector at Creative Skillset