Find Work

Finding work can be daunting when you are first starting out. We have some tips & tricks to help from CV writing to industry specific networking events, you can even check out the other courses to pool ideas.

Finding work

As with any industry you need to research companies that interest you and put together excellent self-promotion materials. The key here is to start building contacts as early in your course as you can.

Further tips for making contacts

Find contact details of employers on their company websites by just putting 'Sound designer/design' or 'Boom operator' into a search engine and then making a list of companies that do the kind of work that you are interested in.

You should be keeping a list of companies that interest you from the time you start your degree. Start following them on twitter or follow their blogs.

You can then look up the names of contacts within these companies on linkedin and connect with them- it is really normal to connect with people you don’t know on linkedin- just make sure your profile looks professional. Employability can help you with this.

Join groups

By reading group posts, like these ones on Linkedin, and taking part in discussions you will learn a lot about what people are talking about in the industry. Not all of it will be relevant to you but all that you read will expand your knowledge of the industry.

Often people advertise that they need people for job roles or freelance work within the groups.

You can change the group digest to weekly updates rather than daily to save your inbox.


Use the following resources to help you network your way into a job.

Recruitment agencies

  • Aardvark Swift
 - Specialist games agency offering a graduate placement service. 

  • Ardem Group  - Design recruitment agency
  • Agenda Creative - Covers a wide range of digital jobs
  • Animated People Recruitment
 - A computer graphic agency recruiter for broadcast TV commercials and interactive games in England. Sources employment on permanent and freelance basis.

 - A recruiter for the worldwide video games industry. Work with animators, programmers, designers and software testers.

  • Become UK - Broad range of design and digital jobs.
  • Blueberry Creatives
Blueberry represents freelance editors, designers and animators working in broadcast and corporate communications.

  • Brand Republic - They offer a wide ranging digital design jobs, has a specialist graduate roles section.
  • Broadcast Graduate
 - Covers areas such as animation & design, journalism, new media and pre/post production.

  • Broadcast Freelancer
Linked to Broadcast Magazine. Subscribe to get full details of jobs. 

  • Creative Pool - Digital design, graphic design, web design, UX/UI design portfolio based jobsboard site.
  • Christy Media - Broadcast recruitment with some animation jobs.
  • Creativejobs - They offer a wide ranging creative jobs across the UK.
  • Datascope Recruitment
 - Offices in London and Chicago USA. The agency recruits staff for the games, internet and new media industries. 

  • Digital Recruitment Agency - A specialist digital recruitment agency with a proven track record of recruiting candidates with digital experience for organisations throughout the UK.
  • Form Recruitment - Covers everything within the digital sector.
  • Formula Won - Digital media creative agency.
  • Gabriel Skelton - Wide ranging digital recruitment agency with a range of jobs across different digital disciplines.
  • Lipton fleming - Wide range of digital media jobs.
  • Major Players
They offer recruiting for temporary and permanent jobs across a broad range of creative
 disciplines. including advertising, marketing, design, digital media, events, PR, research and sponsorship.

  • Profiles Creative - Offer a wide range of digital and creative jobs. 
  • Propel Digital Recruitment - Recruitment agency for professionals with commercial, marketing, technical and creative skill sets for clients operating within the global digital economy.
  • OPM Response
Specialist recruitment consultancy which covers the console, handheld, mobile online games and interactive games industries. They specialise in games recruitment only - not web design, not database programming. Games experienced candidates and graduates particularly sought after.

  • Reed - general job site that does advertise many digital media jobs. 

  • Silicon Milkroundabout - A Shoreditch-based job fair centred around the Startup community. 
  • Sphere Recruitment - digital marketing and creative jobs.
  • Talent Quest - Digital media recruitment.
  • The Guardian Jobs - Generic jobsboard site.
  • Yellow Cat
Agency specialising in post production, marketing, advertising & PR, film & television, music & radio, digital & interactive, events & experiential, fashion and retail office support.