CV advice

Getting your CV right is vital to your success in your chosen career. The more specific and tailored you make your CV for each job role the better you chances are. Portfolios/showreels/demoreels are also key in getting yourself noticed.

2013 degree show music show

Highlight any experience of equipment and software that you have, remember that Ravensbourne has given you access to professional standard equipment that some of your competitors will not have used.

Passion for your craft

Don’t forget that passion and enthusiasm are what will make your CV stand out so be upbeat. Also, given the number of CVs employers receive, a clear layout and an understanding of the skills that will be needed are essential.

If you have an impressive list of student productions/projects you have worked on then give an indication of how involved you have been. Lots of experience shows a drive and passion for what you do.

Here are some useful articles on media CVs:


An employer says

Mairin Gannon, Head of management development, Universal Music.

"We look for someone who is passionate about music and who has an understanding of the industry and how it's changing.

In lots of areas, we need creative individuals who have the confidence and willingness to input ideas. It is crucial that you take every opportunity to get involved in the industry, whether it's running club nights or, if you're a student, getting involved in music events or doing work experience. We expect you to attend gigs and to use them as an opportunity to network, and to be a fan of music. Also important is a knowledge of music: being in touch with the current trends and having opinions on bands.

We require people to have prepared very well for the interview process: to have done lots of research into the industry; to know where we're headed digitally; to be aware of the sort of services we offer to artists, and how we promote our artists and our music. And, in particular, to have thought about how we can ensure great music reaches a wider population.

It's a hard industry to get into, but it is changing and there are lots of routes in that may not necessarily involve working for a traditional music label. As long as people are passionate, and they network, and they keep trying, then we're interested to hear from them."