Find work

Finding work can be daunting when you are first starting out. We have some tips & tricks to help from CV writing to industry specific networking events, you can even check out the other courses to pool ideas.

As with any industry you need to research companies that interest you and put together excellent self-promotion materials. The key is to start building contacts as early on in your course as you can.

Find contact details of employers on their company websites by just putting in the name of the brand that you would like to work for into a search engine and then making a list of companies that make the kind of garments you are interested in designing. You should also visit a large shopping centre/street and have a look at who is doing what.

You should be keeping a list of companies that interest you from the time you start your degree. Start following them on Twitter or follow their blogs as you never know when they might say that they are looking for interns.

You can then look up the names of contacts within these companies on Linkedin and connect with them, it is really normal to connect with people you don’t know on Linkedin, just make sure your profile looks professional. The Careers and Industry Liasion team can help you with this.


Join groups on Linkedin like:

By reading the group posts and taking part in discussions you will learn a lot about what people are talking about in the industry. Not all of it will be relevant to you but all that you read will expand your knowledge of the industry.

Often people advertise that they need people for job roles or freelance work within the groups. You can change the group digest to weekly updates rather than daily to save your inbox.


Network your way into a job by using these resources: