Find Work

Finding work can be daunting when you are first starting out. We have some tips & tricks to help from CV writing to industry specific networking events, you can even check out the other courses to pool ideas.

Digital TV production

Common routes into industry

Many employers will only recruit candidates who are willing to start as runners and work their way up. Senior roles such as producer, director or production manager all require experience at junior levels first. While you may aspire to a career in this area, do not make the mistake of asking for senior roles in the early stages of your career. Show energy and ambition but also demonstrate that you know how the industry works.

Job roles can include;

Entering festivals

Alongside your efforts to get work experience or freelance work, take every opportunity to produce films yourself. Being proactive about entering festivals will mean that your work gets seen and a couple of 'Laurels'  on your CV will certainly make it stand out. Getting your work selected by the Vimeo staff in their 'favourites' section also lead to mass exposure but be mindful that some festivals will not accept work that has been available online before the festival: care needs to be taken about the right route to take. You can find out about which festivals are coming up on the British Council website.

Extensive resources on submitting to festivals can be found here the BBC festival and award page.