Future prospects

Knowing more about the advertising industry and the potential career options available to you will help you focus on your area of expertise. 

Working in advertising

Some possible careers include;

Below is a brief overview of the different departments within an advertising agency. The name of these departments may vary from agency to agency but they all do roughly the same undertakings. For details of job roles within each department please visit The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) site or The drum site.

  • User Experience (UX) department – User experience incorporates all aspect of user interaction with a service, system and product.
  • Interactive department – The interactive department create all the interactive digital components for advertising campaigns this may include websites, banner ads and applications.
  • Web development department - Web deployment assist with programming, development, system implementation and other technical support in and around a production.
  • Design/art/creative department – The design/art/creative department(s) are responsible for all of the creative productions whether that be web design, graphic design, digital design etc.
  • Production department – A production department take all the input i.e. research, concepts, ideas etc. And turn it into output, the finished product, service or system.
  • Traffic/project management department – Project management overview all aspects of a project from start till finish that works with all departments to ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Media/digital media department – A media or digital media department leads the creation of all productions, presentation and multimedia content to support the product or service.
  • Media buying department – The media buying department are more linked with traditional advertising but they essentially procure merchandise, space and time for an advertising campaign. This could include TV, radio, billboards, domains (systems), blogs, magazine folds etc.

You can assess your creative thinking and copywriting skills on the IPA website with a quick test if you are unsure where your strengths lie.