Find Work

Finding work can be daunting when you are first starting out. We have some tips & tricks to help from CV writing to industry specific networking events, you can even check out the other courses to pool ideas.

Broadcast Computing3

The most common route into the broadcast industry is via a runner role. Many employers will only recruit candidates who are willing to start as runners and work their way up.

Senior roles such as producer, director or production manager all require experience at junior levels first. While you may aspire to a career in this area, do not make the mistake of asking for senior roles in the early stages of your career. Show energy and ambition but also demonstrate that you know how the industry works.

Find useful advice in this podcast from the BBC.

Entry as a runner can be in studio set-ups, production offices or on location. The right attitude is critical to secure and move on from runner roles. As connections are so key in this industry make sure you join Linkedin groups and follow companies on Twitter for last minute runner positions that are advertised.

Finding running work

Hours can be long and the workload mundane so make sure you target companies you really want to work for to give you the best chance to make a good impression. Write a convincing cover letter that briefly details the work they have produced that you particularly like, and make sure your CV backs up what you say about your interest and skills.

The Knowledge online (or book version) also has a comprehensive list of production companies with contact details. Much of the work is not advertised so you need to be very proactive. Once you know who you want to work for get emailing and calling to introduce yourself along with your CV. Find out who you need to contact rather than address letters or emails ‘ Dear Sir/Madam’. This is key to getting yourself noticed by the right person. 

Read more about the runner job role here. And, we also suggest reading recipe for CV success.

Other job roles

Finding work in operations roles

Unusually for the industry, these jobs are often staff jobs and will be advertised on company websites, through recruitment agencies, or via the Careers and Industry Liasion team at Ravensbourne.

Glassdoor is also a great resource. It is a unique resource where students can read real-life experiences current and former employees had with a company.