Find Work

Finding work can be daunting when you are first starting out. We have some tips & tricks to help from CV writing to industry specific networking events. You can even check out the other courses to pool ideas.

Although tax incentives have helped UK companies, competition for entry-level positions remains tough. Production costs are high, meaning that animators need to deliver creatively and on time. Having a reputation for delivering or being recommended is high on any recruiter's wish-list. Getting experience early in your course and actively engaging with the animation community will help you to gain these referrals.

Working in the animation industry

Good industry awareness will help you to know where and when job vacancies might come up. Start keeping a log of what companies interest you, for example, write down credits at the end of the films/productions you like. Show these companies you are interested by following them on twitter or their blogs- it is a low effort investment that pays off when it comes to making applications in future.

Most big companies expect animators to start as a runner, so unless you have extensive experience you should initially be asking for runner positions.

Don’t worry, your training and hard work will pay off once you progress through the ranks. The knowledge learnt through being a runner is invaluable.

Even in a starting runner role, companies look out for your people skills as much as your technical and creative skills from the moment you join, so take every opportunity to show what you are capable of. One of Ravensbourne’s BA (Hons) Animation students started as a runner at Framestore on Saturdays. His talent and people skills were noticed and he progressed into a graduate role on leaving Ravensbourne.

Also, make speculative applications to companies that are already familiar with Ravensbourne students. Make the most of all the Ravensbourne Lates, visiting tutors and any other events here by talking to industry guests to build your knowledge and contacts. You can contact speakers after the event, even if you didn’t get to talk to them on the day to thank them you can always follow up with a linkedin invitation and/or ask them along to events at Ravensbourne such as The Degree show. The Careers and Industry Liaison team have companies they are in regular contact that employ Ravensbourne Students, and there is also Ravensbourne Agency

Useful links

Links sourced from Creative Skilset:

  • 3DWorld - The magazine for SFX, TV production and game development artists
  • BECTU - The UK's media and entertainment trade union, covering broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, leisure and digital media
  • Develop - The monthly magazine for European developers
  • Digital Arts Online - How stand out in VFX animation
  • Digital Arts Trend report 2013: - VFX, post-production and animation
  • e-Skills UK - The Sector Skills Council for IT, telecoms and contact centres
  • Edge - The UK's self-styled bible for UK gamers
  • Eurogamer - European-focused consumer website
  • Framestore's internship programme - This runs over the summer for final year students, and is advertised on their website from March each year. The deadline is usually in April but check the site regularly for updates
  • Gamasutra - Website founded in 1997 that focuses on all aspects of video game development
  • - Online community for game developers of all levels
  • - Covering breaking news from the game's business
  • IGDA - The International Game Developers Association, a global network of collaborative projects and communities comprising individuals from all fields of game development
  • IGN - Internet media and services provider focused on the video game, entertainment men’s lifestyle markets
  • MCV - The weekly trade magazine of the UK games industry
  • TIGA - The Independent Games Developers Trade Association - non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry
  • The Mill also has a two-month internship programme running throughout the year for final year students in a range of fields.
  • Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment champions the interests, needs and positive image of the video games and interactive entertainment industry whose companies make up its membership