Smarter Cities Now Conference 2017

A 2 day conference to re-position thinking around the notions of the Smarter City Now, through an examination of its many manifestations. The conference will cover issues relating to connectivity, cultural sustainability, society, economics, energy and consumption, public health and technology. Key stakeholders will present current thinking on the subject, allowing for debate and questions from the audience. 

External dates

Dec 1 - Abstract 500 words + CV

January 15 - Early Bird Registration - £250

January 31 - Registration - £285

February 15 - Full Papers 3000-4000 words

April 12 - 13 - Conference 9-5pm

Audience fee - £20 / Students £10

Keynote speakers

  • Steve Lidbury Eight Inc
  • Prof Neil Thomas Atelier One
  • Simon Jackson AEDAS
  • Prof Bill Dunster
  • Prof Alan Philips
  • Denise Scott Mcdonald, Greenwich Council
  • Lola Fernandez-Redondo Digital Greenwich/GATEway Project

Call for papers

We invite proposals from all disciplines interested in Smarter Cities Now. Proposals for papers in any area of the architectural humanities are welcome, including culture, theory and design. Papers will be 20 minutes long. The conference will be introduced and concluded each day with keynote speakers.

Areas for discussion could include; 

  1. Smarter Cities are more then just digitally connected, so what is its significance in a wireless reality, for those involved in the creation and curating of the built environment. 
  2. The impact of new technology and sustainability models on manifestations of smart cities thinking and how these apply to material and construction.
  3. The Smarter City brings debates around basic needs of food, water, energy, in the era of climate change, what does this mean for architecture? 4. Public health and community are now the new essentials that drive the cities thinking for the future.

  4. Public health and community are now the new essentials that drive the cities thinking for the future.

  5. The Smarter City of experience and the public realm, enabled experiences, responsive or interactive environments.
  6. The cultural collateral of the impact of shifting global economic and social factors on the physical form of Smarter Cities and the nomadic imperative of populations on the move.

  7. The Smarter City and its intelligent communities are they the new drivers for cultural interchange, what forms are these taking in a time of experience accessibility and what scenario driven environments will this require? 

  8. The delivery and destination imperative for Smarter Cities and the alterative relationships to the new forms of distribution interface, personal and physical, AR, VR, Drone.

Please submit a 500 word abstract (word document) and CV by 1 December to A full paper (Max 4000 words) would need to be submitted by February 15 2017. 

A publication will also be part of conference proceedings. All papers will be published. Further details regarding this will be sent once your paper has been excepted.