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Enrolment 2018

New Starters

Welcome to Ravensbourne!


In order to become a student here and begin your studies you must complete enrolment at the start of the academic year.



To ensure your enrolment goes smoothly, please make sure to bring in the original documents, exam certificates, your online enrolment confirmation document and valid photo ID on your allocated enrolment day and allocated induction day.


If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student please look out for an email from us, inviting you to initiate your enrolment online. This will take place nearer to the 2018 enrolment time.


If you are a further education student you need to complete an enrolment form and bring a print copy with you when you visit us. An email will be sent to you as soon as the form is available.


To complete your enrolment you need to visit us on the day allocated to your course. Dates for enrolment will be confirmed nearer to enrolment time - please remember to check this page regularly for updates.


You must bring the completed paperwork below with you:


UK students

You must bring original certificates of your exam results, particularly your Maths and English certificates - you will need to make sure you get your original certificates from your school or college.

International and EU students

If your original certificates are not in English, you must bring a certified translation of your certificates.



Please note: 


Enrolment day can be very busy so we do recommend that students do not bring guests as you are unlikely to see very much of each other during the day. Once enrolled, you need to join us for your formal induction (details for this coming soon). 


We are unable to provide on-site parking and recommend that you travel to Ravensbourne by public transport.


Ravensbourne Laptop Bursary Scheme 2018

How much is the bursary?

For the academic year 2018/19, a £300 bursary is available for undergraduate students who purchase a computer suitable for their course.  Students may purchase their computer through their normal supplier or through our partner, FreedomTech, who will offer the opportunity of paying in instalments.

Students can only make ONE claim for this bursary during their time as an Undergraduate student at Ravensbourne. Currently, students can claim this award during any point of their 3 year course. However, this could change in future years.

Further information about the scheme and details of how to order via FreedomTech can be found here.


  • All First Year Undergraduate Students.

Students who wish to make a claim for this bursary, must make their claim between enrolment and before the end of the taught elements of their course, prior to formal graduation.  

The £300 bursary amount applies only for the academic year of 2018/19. Please be advised, in subsequent years this scheme may change. 

Students are entitled to an additional £200, payable in April 2019, if they

  • are a new entrant to an undergraduate course commencing September 2018
  • have a household income of £25,000 or under, as disclosed to Student Finance England.
  • have claimed the £300 laptop bursary
  • are a Home student paying the full tuition fee.

Foundation/Postgraduate Students

If you are a Foundation or Postgraduate student, you can purchase a laptop through Ravensbourne's partner, FreedomTech. However, you are not be eligible for a laptop bursary.

Therefore, you may want to consider alternative options for purchase or whether you require a high specification laptop for your course. Please speak to your tutor for further advice.

For more information check out our laptop bursaries page on the Intranet.

How to apply

Regardless of whether students choose to order through FreedomTech or purchase from a different provider, they will need to claim their £300 bursary payment by completing the online application form following enrolment at Ravensbourne.

Eligible students will be automatically assessed for the additional £200 payment and will be paid at the end April 2019.

What models are recommended?

The indicative models available, which vary depending on your course, can be seen on our laptop bursaries page on the Intranet.

. These are correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.

Online & paper enrolment

2018-19 Enrolment

To ensure your enrolment goes smoothly, please ensure you bring in the original documents, exam certificates, your online enrolment confirmation document (or your print enrolment form for FE students) and also valid photo ID on your first day.

Enrolment and finance enrolment forms

Further Education students
Complete the paper enrolment form emailed to you and bring along a printed copy of it.
  • Enrolment Form 2018/19 - for all Further Education Courses
  • Finance Enrolment Form 2018/19 - for all Further Education Courses
  • Student Qualifications Form - for all Further Education Courses
  • In addition, Further Education students must bring their GCSE Maths and English certificates (or equivalent qualifications) with them to enrolment.

Undergraduate students

Look out for an email from us inviting you to enrol online. This will be sent to you in August.

In addition to your online enrolment you need to fill in a finance enrolment form. Please note you only need to fill in this form once.

  • Finance Enrolment Form 2018/19 - for all Undergraduate Courses.  
Postgraduate students

Look out for an email from us inviting you to enrol online. This will be sent to you in August.

In addition to your online enrolment you need to fill in a finance enrolment form. Please note you only need to fill in this form once.  

  • Finance Enrolment Form 2018/19 - for all Postgraduate Courses.

Identity, Nationality and Qualifications

All students are required to provide the original certificates and documentation at enrolment to confirm their qualifications, identity and status. Photocopies, faxed or other non-original documents will not be accepted.

What you need to bring:

  • Original certificates for the qualifications you are using to gain admission to Ravensbourne.
  • Personal identification - passport, EU National Identity card, or UK photographic driver’s licence.

You are only permitted to register on the course for which you have been made an offer and for which you have satisfied the conditions of entry. There is no entitlement to register on any other course so, please check your course offer before you enrol.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable either in full on enrolment or by instalments, with the agreement of the Finance Office. Where fees are paid by instalments and a direct debit mandate is signed on enrolment no administration fee will be charged, providing all fees are collected by the agreed dates, otherwise, an administration charge of 1.5% of the tuition fee will be charged.

Where a student has enrolled on an undergraduate course and has applied for a tuition fee loan to cover the fees, a copy of the “Financial notification letter” or other suitable evidence of the loan is required on enrolment.

International Students

All non-EU or non-EEA citizens that require a Tier 4 student visa to study in the United Kingdom must provide a valid Tier 4 student visa for Ravensbourne (or evidence that you have submitted an application to the UKVI) which covers your stay for the duration of your studies.

Ravensbourne is required to take a copy of your passport, which it will retain on file while you are registered as a student. If you do not have a relevant visa for your intended course of study you will not be permitted to register under any circumstances.

Ravensbourne reserves the right to seek further documentation in individual cases and to seek proof of ability to pay tuition and other fees.

Enrolment will only take place on production of the relevant documentation. In exceptional circumstances other identification may be accepted, however, this will be at the discretion of Ravensbourne and each case will be considered individually. If you fail to produce these documents, you may not enrol.

All the essential information for International students is available here.

Got a question?

Simply complete and submit this short online form and someone will be in touch in one or two working days.


Please note: 


If your course requires you to use a laptop you will need to bring one along from your first day of induction. Laptop specification requirements varies depending on the course and these can be seen on our Laptop Bursary Scheme page on our Intranet.

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