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Founded by Samantha Kingston and Albert Mills, Virtual Umbrella is a marketing and PR agency specialising in the virtual reality industry. They work with developers, brands, agencies (and more) they also run a number of virtual reality events across the UK.

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Despite only launching in March 2015, this self-funded start-up has already won its first agency award from TMT

Samantha Kingston Virtual Umbrella

Samantha won the New Business Award at the Venus Award, was nominated for the National Venus Award, was part of the BIMA100 2016, and nominated ‘unsung hero’ for the Women in Game Awards.

Prior to joining Incubation at Ravensbourne, both Samantha and Albert had been working remotely around the UK until they decided to look for space that would work for them.

After a long search, they found Ravensbourne was the best fit. They felt that having a base in London would help them progress their business and be part of a thriving community at Ravensbourne.

“We were super happy. We had made some great friends during the festival and had worked with the members of the team and felt that we could give a lot more to Ravensbourne, especially now being in Incubation, ” says Samantha.

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