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Incubation logoSome people apply to the incubation at Ravensbourne programme with fully formed and operational creative businesses. Others, like Rafael dos Santos, the brains behind the online social travel network, Room in the Moon, simply have a great idea and a passion to succeed.

Rafael dos Santos profileRoom in the Moon was in the very early stages of development when Rafael applied to scheme. He admits finding the right working environment was a key issue and made the programme an attractive prospect: “I had found working from other free workspaces a nightmare because they were cramped and uncomfortable. I applied partly because the thought of a hot desk in a bright, airy and creative space was too tempting!”

In under four months, Room in the Moon, which connects people planning to move abroad (or currently living abroad) with one another, has been transformed – including growing in size from just one person to four, thanks to the support provided by incubation at Ravensbourne.

Rafael has found that since he has been participating in the scheme almost everything his company needs is available under one roof at Ravensbourne.

“For Room in the Moon it’s been the most fantastic thing that has ever happened,” enthuses Rafael. “Businesses that want to be successful need to be in a place that allows them to flourish. We have a state-of-the-art building providing us with a brilliant working environment and a place where we can happily invite our clients who are always more than impressed!

“Because Ravensbourne focuses on technology and digital we could not be in better place,” he continues. “When we have a query about film, video or software we can just turn around and there will be someone here that knows about it. I don't think we would have learned as much if we were in a non-technical or non-digital place. It's also not just about the great facilities but also the people around you. Here, you meet other talented professionals and also make really good friends.”

With the help of Ravensbourne students, Rafael has been able to produce promotional videos, he has access to free-to-hire professional equipment to create podcasts and the company is thriving on the relationships that it is forming. Additionally, Rafael has been able to draw upon the business support that the scheme offers.

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“We have monthly meetings with experts so we can understand the business and legal side of things such as intellectual property, funding, accountancy and lots more. All this is coupled with invaluable support from the incubation team, who are a fantastic.”

It is a scheme that Rafael believes is ideal not just for his company but also for other similarly minded organisations.

“I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, thinking this was too good to be true,” he says. “It's not. It is an amazing place where you can really develop and grow your business.”

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