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Matt Ratcliffe and Karl Maddix met while working at a large London Agency in 2009.

They were tasked with creating highly accurate real-time 3D models using laser scanned data taken from a huge outdoor site. The project demanded creative problem solving, organisation and innovation in interactive real-time 3D, data visualisation and live data streaming. The project was a huge success and the duo discovered their talent for using new technology in new and creative ways. They bid the agency farewell and ventured out on their own, forming Masters of Pie Ltd, a new interactive and creative technology studio.

Masters of Pie Ltd: INCUBATEES

A referral from friends, lead Masters of Pie to their new home as an incubation company at Ravensbourne. The studio fit perfectly into the highly creative, cutting-edge Ravensbourne and quickly identified some of the high calibre students to help work on their incoming projects.

After only a short time Masters of Pie gained some prestigious clients and began working on exciting new projects using bleeding-edge, emerging technologies ranging from digital toy/mobile based products, augmented reality, 3D web technologies and the exciting new Virtual Reality (VR) resurgence.

Guiding clients through this technology minefield and developing practical yet innovative applications for their brands has become the hallmark of the studio. They continue to innovate in new areas and are rapidly building up an impressive client portfolio while positioning themselves as one of the premier VR companies in the country, ready for the oncoming virtual reality explosion due to hit consumers early 2015.

One of the biggest challenges Masters of Pie faced starting their studio was how to create a working environment that allows for experimental, technology based play. Karl explains “A huge part of what we do is getting hold of new tech early on and just playing around with it to explore new possibilities and applications that might not be the obvious ones. Having a working environment that allows for that is essential to us and Ravensbourne is a perfect fit. The space, layout and atmosphere are primed for collaboration and creativity.”

Master Of Pie

Matt and Karl are able to utilise the top end equipment available at the Ravensbourne to connect to incoming tech to explore new potential applications.

Matt says, “Another bonus is the impressive building which is always the first thing that clients comment on when we bring them in for meetings here.”

The great location and transport links has meant that Masters of Pie are able to host clients travelling from UK, France, Italy, Germany and even Japan with great ease. The meeting rooms are fully equipped and have seen some intense problem solving during the many meetings that Masters of Pie have held in them.

“It’s a good thing the cafe is also fully-equipped as some of our sessions demand plenty of coffee in order to run smoothly!” adds Matt.

Looking to the future, Masters of Pie keep an eye firmly focussed on the next tech wave about to hit. They will continue to deliver high end products for brands looking to embrace technology in new ways, and will very soon be looking to expand the team to help maintain their growth, quality and value.

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