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Incubation logoWelcome to Make Worldwide. They fuse insight, imagination and technology to create ideas which accelerate human progress.

Make Worldwide produces websites, apps, brand identities, marketing campaigns, events and product strategies. It creates its own projects and works for charities, government departments, consumer brands and social enterprises. At the heart of Make Worldwide's ideas are unifying concepts with universal appeal at their core. Make Worldwide likes to call them 'Shared Dreams'.

Matt KeppleMatt Kepple started Make Worldwide because he wanted a vehicle through which he could be creative with both his own ideas and in response to briefs from clients.

The main challenge at the start was financing the business. He and his colleagues started off developing, a manager for the change you make in the world. This is still their main project but because it is a start-up venture the financial profile is always risky. Nevertheless they closed an investment round and took on a couple of clients which gave them the runway to continue into 2015.

The space at Ravensbourne has added further professionalism to what Make Worldwide are doing. Before securing the space they were working out of Matt’s house. The space and the access to facilities and increasingly to students, is only going to continue adding value to what they are doing.

At Make Worldwide it’s believed that if it’s imaginable, it’s possible. They are keen to work with people who have a similar drive and belief.

Make Worldwide (Makerble) as WhatIf Innovation PartnerMake Worldwide Black

Makerble was chosen to be the Foundation Partner of the Year for one of the world's leading innovation companies, WhatIf Innovation Partners.

The process included an application email followed by an in-depth 3 hour interview. They bypassed the final and were selected outright as the winners.

The prize is pro-bono consulting from WhatIf Innovation Partners over the course of the year plus free office space in their Baker Street location. Makerble have also partnered with WhatIf’s New York office on producing workshops at a conference.

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