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Marie’s goal is to have The Pink Pony agency become a viable business; able to sustain itself by selling the organisations of playgrounds to clients in the UK and worldwide whilst spreading the love for play and doing ‘good’ in the neighbourhood.

MJ Pink Pony“The character of The Pink Pony embodies our crazy vision and the importance of creativity and play in our practice. Our mission is to take business organisations on a transformative journey towards thinking differently about their impact in the word. At the end of the journey, we would like the organisation to be able to 'see' The Pink Pony as to be able to recognise their importance to look differently at the way of doing business and at the people around them (and also to be a little more crazy!).”

Joining the incubation at Ravensbourne programme allowed her to turn The Pink Pony into a proper start-up business, gaining access to the resources she needs for her the business to take off i.e. office space, financial and legal advice, business support, networking opportunities, and enriching her knowledge about market and business situation for The Pink Pony.

The Pink Pony’s playgrounds come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They can take the form of a workshop, a public event or an intervened urban space, anything that allows players to solve a particular challenge by collaborating. They are co-designed with the organisation and the community and have six phases: observation, research, co-creation, prototyping, playing and sharing.

Starting with London, The Pink Pony will design and run playgrounds for companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The agency’s approach to CSR is based on emergent human values such as empathy, crowd-empowerment, and playfulness. They use the playground as their flagship service, and are planning to offer bespoke play-related services, from creative consultancy to open workshops in the near future.

The Pink Pony started as a research project by Marie James while studying for her Masters in Innovation Management atThe Pink Pony Central Saint Martins. During which time she worked with different organisations and communities in East London, she noticed that often business organisations were creating value that was not benefiting the people and communities around, and was sent away. Hence, she thought it would be great to find a way to bring corporations and local communities to meet and create something fruitful together.

Prior to joining the incubation programme, The Pink Pony was just an experimental project designed by Marie, who won a 9-months incubation programme at Ravensbourne as part of the “Learn Do Share London competition 2014” prize that awarded an innovative business idea with a positive social impact.

The Pink Pony is a creative agency and a social enterprise that believes in the transformative power of play and creativity to action meaningful and long-lasting social change.

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The company aims to create bespoke playgrounds where business organisations and local communities work together to solve a challenge collaboratively, learn new skills or co-create some-thing that will make their future better, whilst building a meaningful, long-lasting relationship between the community and the organisation.

“Our mission is to help organisations become positive assets for their neighbourhood by triggering playground, collaborations between companies and local communities, and making them easier, sustainable and more effective.”

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