Who we are

Lucy McLeod

Lucy McLeod 

Head of Student Services

E: l.mcleod@rave.ac.uk 
T: 020 3040 3501

Responsible for the overall delivery of an effective Student Services Team.

Jim Valentine

Jim Valentine 

Deputy Head of Student Services

E: j.valentine@rave.ac.uk 
T: 020 3040 3714

Kay Brannan

Kay Brannan 

Wellbeing and Disability Coordinator

E: k.brannan@rave.ac.uk  
T: 020 3040 3711

Responsible for the wellbeing and coordination disability support for students.

Anita Bailey

Anita Bailey 

Financial Support and Accommodation Adviser

E: a.bailey@rave.ac.uk  
T: 020 3040 3713

Responsible for information and guidance around money matters i.e. hardship and bursaries. Advice regarding accommodation options and housing issues for new and continuing students.

Pauline Taylor

Pauline  Taylor 

Industry liaison coordinator: Broadcasting

E: p.taylor@rave.ac.uk  
T: 020 3040 3590

Responsible for liaison with broadcasting courses across institute, specialising in supporting students and employers with work placement and job opportunities.

Pauline works on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Yvonne Halloran

Yvonne Halloran 

Careers advisor

E: y.halloran@rave.ac.uk  
T: 020 3040 3592

Specialises in providing careers guidance for all students. She has lead responsibility for working with further education students on career and UCAS choices.

Yvonne works on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Patricia McMahon

Patricia  McMahon 

Information services support coordinator: Student Services

E: p.mcmahon@rave.ac.uk 
T: 020 3040 3501

Responsible for managing all aspects of the information desk and organising 1:1 sessions for the Student Services team.

Kate Camp

Kate Camp 

Student Services administrator

E: k.camp@rave.ac.uk 
T: 020 3040 3645

Responsible for Student Services administration support.

Maria O'Conor

Maria O'Conor 

Academic skills support tutor

E: m.oconor@rave.ac.uk 
T: 0203 040 3650

Responsible for study skills support across Ravensbourne.