Undergraduate Bursaries/scholarships

Tuition Fee Loans 2016/17

The HE full-time undergraduate application services for Tuition Fee Loans for 2016/17 are now open.

For information on how to apply, please visit the Student Finance England Website

Changes to Student Finance Maintenance Support

From 2016/17, all means tested student maintenance grants will be replaced with loans (this will not impact students starting courses in 2015/16 or already at university). For more information, click here.

Ravenbourne Bursaries & Scholarships

Recent Government policy changes have led to Ravensbourne reviewing it's Bursary/Scholarship offer for HE students commencing study in 2016/17. Due to restricted funding and a large number of eligible students, our finance support is limited. It is designed to assist towards the costs of travel and/or course equipment.

We therefore, strongly advise all prospective students to consider all the costs of study including accommodation, travel, equipment and food whilst undertaking their course and to have alternative means of funding such as part time work and/or savings.

Students may find the student calculator or the student budget planner useful tools to help figure out a realistic budget. Please click on the boxes below for information on the range of support we have available.

The Ravensbourne Bursary (academic year 2016/17)

The Ravensbourne Bursary is a cash award payment of £2,000, split over three years as follows:

Year 1:

£500 paid January 2017 following successful completion of term 1.

Year 2:

£500 paid January 2018 following successful completion of term 1; £500 paid April 2018 following successful completion of term 2.

Year 3:

£500 paid January 2017 following successful completion of term 1.


The Ravensbourne Bursary is available to all Home/UK undergraduate students, who:

  • Have a declared household income of £20,000 or less.
  • Are paying tuition fees of £9,000.
  • Are in receipt of the highest level of maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company.

How to apply

Students do not need to apply as they will automatically be assessed for eligibility against our criteria when they apply for Student Finance with the Student Loans Company.  http://www.slc.co.uk/

International Undergraduate Scholarship (academic year 2016/17)

This scholarship is for international students who demonstrate potential or proven ability to make an exceptional contribution to study at Ravensbourne. In addition to an outstanding portfolio, academic merit and a commitment to high quality study, Ravensbourne will consider a supporting statement outlining how the scholarship will contribute to the applicant’s long-term academic and career goals. 

There are three scholarships of £1,500 available. This scholarship will be paid in two instalments in Oct 2016 and Jan 2017.


International Undergraduates in their First Year.

How to apply

Students should complete an application form  and return to the Student Services Team. Candidates should also submit a 2 minute video about themselves, their academic history and why they would be the right choice for the scholarship. The final deadline to apply is 1 June 2016 at 5pm UK time. No applications will be considered after this date.  

Applications will be assessed by a panel and all applicants will be informed of the outcome by email by 17 June 2016.

Internal Progression Award (academic year 2016/17)

The Internal Progression Award is a non means tested one-off cash payment award of £500 paid in January 2017. 


This award is available to all new undergraduate students who have previously completed a Foundation Diploma at Ravensbourne in academic year 2015/16.

How to apply

Qualifying students are not required to apply for this award, as payment will automatically be paid on successful completion of Term 1.

Ravensbourne Laptop Scheme (academic year 2016/17) 

For the academic year 2016/17, a £300 bursary is available for undergraduate students who purchase a computer suitable for their course.

Students can only make ONE claim for this bursary during their time as an Undergraduate student at Ravensbourne. This can be made at any point during their studies here.

Students may purchase their computer through their normal supplier or through our partner, FreedomTech which will enable the opportunity of paying in instalments.

Further information about the scheme and details of how to order via FreedomTech can be found here.


Students who wish to make a claim for this bursary, must make their claim between enrolment and before the end of the taught elements of their course, prior to formal graduation.

The £300 bursary amount applies only for the academic year of 2016/17. In subsequent years, this amount may change. 

Students are entitled to an additional £200, payable in April 2017, if they

  • are a new entrant to an undergraduate course commencing September 2016
  • have claimed the £300 laptop bursary
  • are a Home/EU student paying the full tuition fee
  • have been awarded the maximum maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company.

How to apply

Regardless of whether students choose to order through Ravensbourne (FreedomTech) or purchase through a different provider, they will need to claim their £300 bursary payment by completing the on line application form following enrolment at Ravensbourne.

Eligible students will be asked to apply for the additional £200 payment in December 2016, this will be paid in March 2017.

What models are recommended?
The indicative models available, which vary depending on course, can be found here. These are correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.

Foundation & Postgraduate Students

Foundation and Postgraduate students are able to purchase a laptop through Ravensbourne's partner, FreedomTech. However, they are NOT eligible to apply for the Ravensbourne Laptop Bursary Scheme. Therefore, we advise students to consider alternative options for purchase or whether they require a high specification laptop for their course.  For further advice, we recommend students contact their tutor.

Student Services Support Award (academic year 2016/17)

Ravensbourne is committed to providing assistance for their students in financial hardship. The Student Services Support Award is given to students who face an unexpected crisis that may jeopardise their ability to continue with study.


  • All undergraduate students.

How to apply

Qualifying students will need to complete the on-line application form and student budget planner. Depending on their circumstances, they may also be required to meet with the Financial Support Adviser to discuss additional forms of support.


Undergraduate Care Leavers Bursary (academic year 2016/17)

This bursary provides financial support to students entering Higher Education direct from Local Authority Care. It is a lump sum payment of £1,000 payable in each academic year.


Students must be in receipt of the maximum level of Maintenance loan as assessed by the Student Loan Company.

Care leavers in receipt of a Ravensbourne Bursary can still receive the Care Leavers Bursary. In order to receive payment, the student will need to provide evidence of Care Leaver status for a period of at least 3 months during the 2 years prior to starting their course.

How to apply

As long as the student has notified the Student Loans Company of their Care Leaver Status, they will not have to apply for this bursary. They will automatically be assessed for eligibility against our criteria when they apply for Student Finance with the Student Loans Company.  

Estranged Student Support Award (2016/17)

If you are an estranged student, we may be able to offer you some additional support. Please contact the Student Services Team to make an appointment with the student financial adviser to discuss this further.

Erasmus+ Support Award

Working or studying abroad can be positively life changing and can give you a valuable experience that goes well beyond grades. Choosing to take part can be challenging.

Ravensbourne have 5 awards of £1000 available to go towards the cost of studying abroad. The awards are not income based and will be issued to those students we feel will most benefit from this extra support.


Undergraduates who are successful applicants on the Erasmus+ programme 2016/17.

How to apply

Students will need to complete an application form and personal statement explaining how this award will benefit them in supporting their studies and future career.  Students will also be required to complete a Erasmus+ Budget Planner to support their application.

All applications and budget planners must be submitted to student services by 30 June 2016. Students will be notified by email by the end of July 2016 as to whether they have been successful.

Final Major Project Award 

This fund is available to students to help with the costs associated with Final Major Projects and the Degree Show. There are 20 awards of £500 available, paid May 2016.


Home Undergraduate students in Final Year

How to apply

Students will need to complete an application form and personal statement explaining how this award will benefit them. 

Industry Placement Award (NOW CLOSED FOR 2015/16)

The Industry Placement Award is a grant for students who work on an unpaid placement or internship for up to 4 weeks. Awards of up to £500 are available.


All undergraduate and postgraduate students who work on an unpaid placement or internship for up to a total of 4 weeks.

How to apply

Students will need to complete an application form and both the student and placement organiser will need to complete a Work Placement Form in order to be considered for an award.

Application forms can be downloaded here.

A work placement form can be downloaded here 

All forms must be submitted to student services.

The application process will open September 2016 for 2016/17 Placements.

Nuno Leite Award

"Nuno Leite was a wonderful and talented young man with a magnificently contagious love of life and of all things relating to sound and audio. He began the BA (Hons) Sound Design in 2011 at Ravensbourne and was a hard working and high achieving student who continued to realise his passion for learning even through much of his illness. Nuno is dearly missed by all of us who knew him, but we will never forget his determination, love and friendship to all of those around him." John Brough-Tutor

In his memory, Ravensbourne have created The Nuno Leite Sound Design Award, which will honour Ravensbourne Level 3 Sound Design students and their work. It will be awarded for either an outstanding piece of work that demonstrates great talent or be awarded to a student that shows commitment, talent and passion throughout their studies on the Sound Design course. This award is given in the form of course related equipment.


Level 3 Undergraduate students studying sound design.

How to apply

Course tutors will nominate students for this award based on merit and/or academic potential.

External Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

The Royal Television Society Bursary - For Editing & Post Production BA Students starting 2016/17

The Royal Television Society is investing £60,000 this year to support UK students studying full-time accredited degree courses in either Television Production or Broadcast Journalism. They have 20 bursaries each worth £3,000 to award to students who have a place to study on courses accredited either by Creative Skillset or the Broadcast Journalism Training Council.  The Bursaries are to support living expenses and will be paid in 3 instalments of £1,000 cash per year.

This award also offers the opportunity to gain insight into industry and build a network of contacts. As a bursary recipient, students will also receive free membership of the Royal Television Society and membership of The Hospital Club whilst studying, one year's free membership of the Royal Television Society when they graduate, and in the final year of their course, RTS aim to set up a mentoring or placement opportunity with one of their industry members.

These awards are discretionary. A panel of industry experts from the Royal Television Society will decide based on their judgement of the students who will most benefit. They will use the criteria listed below when making their decisions.


To be eligible for this award, students need to meet all the criteria listed below.

  • Have accepted an offer as their 'firm choice' to study full time on the Ravensbourne Editing and Post Production BA.
  • Be new to higher education. Student who have previously studied a higher education course will not be eligible for this scholarship.
  • This bursary is for 'Home', full-time undergraduate students starting in autumn 2016. Students from other EU countries and from Overseas are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Have applied for this bursary by the application deadline of midday on 8 June, 2016.
  • Have a household income of £25,000 or less. Students will not need to provide evidence of this at the point of application, but bursary awards will not be confirmed until confirmation is received from the Student Finance (or relevant body for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) stating that household income is below £25,000 per annum. The evidence we would normally require is notification of the value of student loan.

How to apply

Full details of the scheme and how to apply can be found on the RTS website.

The closing date for applications is midday on 8 June 2016.


Continuing into 2nd or 3rd Year?

If you are a continuing student, you need to re-apply for a student loan, maintenance loan and/or tuition fee loan.

You can re-apply online via the Direct.Gov website .

You are strongly recommended to apply for your funding as quickly as possible to ensure your loan payments are processed in time for the start of term. 

Additional support for Higher Education students with children or adult dependants

If you are a student in full-time Higher Education and you have children or adult dependants see the Directgov website to find out what is available. If you have dependent children, follow this link.  For students with adult dependants click here .

There is a full range of information about support available including: