As a digital student, you'll need access to the latest equipment to help you produce excellent work.

With this in mind our learners can borrow more than 4,000 different pieces of equipment, including cameras, lighting, microphones, laptops, IT accessories and more, from the Central Loan Resource (CLR).

The CLR is regularly updated to mirror the industry's fast-evolving technology and keep you on top of the game. New equipment this term includes the Canon C300, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Steadicam rigs and Phase 1 Medium Format cameras.

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"Without the CLR there would be no other way for me to try out new, top-of-the-range equipment for projects off campus" Support staff, Marketing

"The staff are well trained, insightful and friendly"Editing & Post Production Year 2

"I like the way the equipment is labelled, which helps me to select what I need" Editing & Post Production Year 2

"I routinely use the CLR for extra equipment to support internal events. Staff provide practical advice and are very helpful!" Support staff, Marketing



CLR has a wide range of lighting equipment ideal for film-making, video and photography assignments. Our lighting kit for moving image includes a variety of Redheads, 2K Blondes, Dedo lights, Kino Flos, 2.5K HMI and LED lights.

Whether you're filming interviews on the move or shooting dramas on location, CLR has the lights for you. We have a great selection of Elinchrom Flash kits including Style RX 300, Style RX 600, RX Quadra and Ranger RX.

Ravensbourne Learners will have the pleasure of working with all this brand new flash equipment as they shoot on one of our five Phase One Medium Format cameras, top of the range and a favourite among industry professionals.


The resources available at CLR include hi-spec DSLR cameras that are used by photography students and digital film students alike. The models currently on offer include the Canon 550D and Canon 600D. Both are ideal for click and shoot functions and on the go filming with a lightweight body.

We also have a wide range of lenses available including prime, zoom and macro lenses. The other models on offer include the much favoured Canon 5D Mark II. Again, this is a high definition camera that can shoot and has modes to favour aperture settings, shutter speed and a programme mode that allows for changing shutter speed and aperture simultaneously.

The CLR also has the Canon C300 for great high end digital images moving or still. The Canon C300 can capture footage at 24 frames per second and 60 frames per second. The Canon C300 also features a handle on the top, which is great for capturing those daring, low angle shots.

Audio Devices

CLR has a great variety of lighting and camera equipment but also has a rich source of audio devices. This ranges from the simple yet effective Shure SM 58, a great microphone for interviewing, to the more expensive Neumann TLM 193 Condenser Microphone, ideal for catching that authentic acoustic sound.

We have a number of Shure SM 58s and only two Neumann TLM 193. CLR also has a wide range of recording devices. These include the Zoom H4n and the Edirol r9. Both of these devices are a great for recording sound and easy to use. They both have built in microphones and also many ports to connect external microphones.

Both devices record onto 2gb sd cards and the zoom H4n are provided with windshields.


When do I need to fill in a Risk Assessment form?

You will need to fill in a Risk assessment form for any activity where the Hazards may involve slips, trips or falls, or harm to any member of the public or your team.

I have filled in my risk assessment, what do I do now?

Once you have completed your risk assessment you need to send it to Please mark it to the attention of your course leader/tutor. Once they are happy with it they will send it to us at

When should I return equipment?

All Equipment is due back by 9am on the end day stated.

What do I do if you are not here when I want to return equipment?

If you are returning equipment out of our office hours then you can return it to the overnight lockers that are situated to the left-hand side of the CLR. Each locker has a padlock on. Please make sure that it is properly secured after putting your items in the locker.

What happens if I am running late, ill or an emergency happens and I cannot return the equipment on time?

If you are unable to return the equipment to us on time for any reason, please either email us or telephone us to let us know.

What happens if I return items late?

We do have a fines system, all details of this can be found in the CLR user handbook.