Shooting and editing with RED


This one-day, intensive course will introduce you to the complete RED pipeline. You will spend the morning with RED cameras and specialists, learning how to get the most out of the camera and experiencing the DIT workflow. In the afternoon you will take these rushes into the edit suite and experience the complete toolchain.

Topics covered

  • Fundamental RED camera operation
  • RED DIT workflow
  • RED software tools
  • Third party tools
  • Working with RED rushes in post production

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will have gained a familiarity with RED camera interfaces, as well as understanding of the DIT workflow for RED. You will also have developed a basic understanding of RED software tools, as well as having experienced the complete RED pipeline.


 James Uren

What you need to bring

 Notepad and pen


 1 day




Saturday 12 November


 £125 (inc. VAT)

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